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OUr Mission

The Climate Crisis affects us all: WCNF was founded to uncover the challenge of beating it.
Born in 2018, the Forum returns to Warwick in 2021 for its second iteration, coinciding with the 26th Conference of Parties negotiations in Glasgow, Scotland. WCNF is an opportunity for students in the West Midlands to get to grips with global climate policy, and to engage more broadly with the climate agenda and its implications through speaker events and workshops.


What is WCNF?

The Warwick Climate Negotiating Forum is Warwick's own simulation of the UNFCCC's annual Conference of Parties negotiations.

WCNF shows students the reality, nuance and difficulties of global climate negotiations by putting teams of students in the shoes of the national delegations that attend COP. Students are tasked with negotiating to make national and global commitments regarding emissions, deforestation, international climate finance, and other related topics, which are plugged in to simulation software to produce an estimated impact on global temperatures.

WCNF also offers a variety of speaker and workshop sessions designed to broaden delegates' understanding of topics surrounding the Climate Crisis, both during the principal conference weekend and in the surrounding weeks.

Who are the delegates?

YOU! The people who participate in the simulation as the delegates (and make WCNF the amazing event it is) are Warwick students like yourself!

When and where will WCNF 2021 be?

WCNF 2021 will take place across three days from the 29th to the 31st of October. The Opening Ceremony will take place on the evening of Friday 29th October which will then be followed by two days of the exciting negotiations, guest speakers, and workshops! We expect WCNF 2021 to be a hybrid of in-person and online events, such that some talks and workshops will be live-streamed.

What will happen in 2021

WCNF is back for 2021, and it bigger and better than ever, with more speakers, more workshops, more pre- and post-conference events, more delegates, and more delegations! We’re also delving deeper into the simulation by considering not only the “what?” but also the “how?” of climate targets.

And what’s more, this year’s WCNF is especially exciting it takes place mere weeks before COP26 starts in Glasgow!

For the full details of the WCNF 2021 itinerary see here



Our speaker agenda is yet to be announced, but there's one speaker that we can already confirm:

It's you.


You're a student at the University of Warwick.
You want to understand more of the nuance to global climate policy...
And you want to do something to stand up for tomorrow.
Delegate Applications Coming Soon


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